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Rapid4Cloud Platform: Updates 1.9.0 Notes

This version includes a new UI, a refactor of RAPIDStart, speed improvements and security patches. New User Interface Introduction of a new modern UI...


Rapid4Cloud Platform: Updates 1.6.0 Notes

This version enables shutdown feature for RAPIDClient, improve sharing data with your team and crushed some minor bugs. RAPIDController (On-Demand) A...


Rapid4Cloud Platform: Updates 1.5.0 Notes

This version is improving back-end engine, few UI fixes for RAPIDStart and security patches. RAPIDStart A new UI for the kanban list enables you to...


Rapid4Cloud Platform: Updates 1.4.0 Notes

Rapid4Cloud Platform has been upgraded to 1.4.0. Here are all the goodies coming with this update: CONNECTION add injection type  CONNECTION optimize


Rapid4Cloud Platform Update to 1.3.0

A Rapid4Cloud maintenance is scheduled on Monday, 26th March 2018. Please read the below information carefully. Dashboard The new UI is now grouping...

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