Rapid4Cloud Platform Update 2.11.1 – Support for Oracle Fusion Cloud 24A

Rapid4Cloud's latest Platform update, Version 2.11.1, now fully supports Oracle Fusion Cloud version 24A. Experience a more efficient and robust software suite for your Oracle Fusion Cloud Applications with Rapid4Cloud's continued enhancements and support.

Rapid4Cloud is thrilled to announce the availability of Version 2.11.1 of the Rapid4Cloud platform, now fully supporting Oracle Fusion version 24A. 

Here are the key updates:

  • Enhanced Compatibility: Full support for Oracle Fusion Cloud version 24A, ensuring seamless integration and up-to-date functionality.

  • Streamlined Connections: Improved navigation with grouped connections and stringent validation rules for BIP type connections.

  • Upgraded RAPIDTest: Fixed issues and enhanced operations across key modules like Procurement and General Ledger for flawless performance.

  • Advanced Data Validations: New rules for Payables Invoice to maintain accuracy and compliance in your financial operations.

  • Sophisticated Audit Logs: Expanded capabilities with period filtering and enriched data columns for better oversight and analysis.

  • Optimized Change Management: The Payables FBDI has been subdivided for greater clarity and control in data management.

  • Language and Support Enhancements: While we welcome the addition of version 24A, support for version 23C has been discontinued. Our language files have also been updated to cater to our diverse global users.

This update is part of our ongoing dedication to providing a robust and efficient platform for managing Oracle Fusion Cloud Applications. Users can expect continued enhancements and support from Rapid4Cloud.

For a full list of all the release notes please go to https://platform.rapid4cloud.com/changelog

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