Building Success: How a Leading UK Supplier Enhanced Oracle Fusion Cloud Maintenance with Rapid4Cloud

Discover how Rapid4Cloud's REPORTS and CHANGE Management tools transformed maintenance for a top UK building materials supplier


A leading building materials supplier in the UK, renowned for its extensive product range and commitment to quality service, recognized the need to enhance its Oracle Fusion Cloud Applications' maintenance to stay ahead in the competitive construction and home improvement market. With a vast network of branches and complex inventory requirements, the company sought to improve operational efficiency and data accuracy. 



The company is using Rapid4Cloud's REPORTS and CHANGE Management tools to streamline its maintenance activities. REPORTS enabled them to generate accurate and timely compliance and management reports effortlessly, while CHANGE Management facilitated controlled, compliant updates to their system configurations. This dual approach allowed for efficient data handling and system adjustments across their widespread operations. 



By leveraging REPORTS and CHANGE Management from Rapid4Cloud, the building materials supplier significantly enhanced its system maintenance capabilities. This led to improved reporting accuracy, streamlined change management processes, and better data consistency, ultimately boosting operational efficiency. These improvements have fortified the company's market position, enabling them to respond more swiftly to industry demands and maintain a high level of service excellence. 



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