Empowering Global Development: Enhancing Oracle Fusion Cloud with Rapid4Cloud for a Leading Non Governmental Organization

See how a leading global development organization boosts operational efficiency and data integrity in Oracle Cloud with Rapid4Cloud's REPORTS and CHANGE Management.


A prominent global development organization, dedicated to fostering sustainable growth and development in hundreds of countries, faced challenges in maintaining the efficiency and accuracy of its Oracle Fusion Cloud Applications. To uphold their mission of eradicating poverty and reducing inequalities, the organization sought to enhance its operational capabilities and data integrity. 



To address these challenges, the organization adopted Rapid4Cloud's REPORTS and CHANGE Management tools. REPORTS empowered them to automate the creation of detailed compliance and operational reports, facilitating better decision-making and regulatory adherence. Concurrently, CHANGE Management enabled the organization to manage and implement system updates with precision, ensuring that their Oracle Cloud Applications remained aligned with their evolving needs. 



The implementation of Rapid4Cloud's solutions significantly improved the organization's maintenance of Oracle Fusion Cloud Applications. This strategic move not only optimized their reporting processes, ensuring higher data accuracy and timely insights but also streamlined their change management practices. As a result, the organization enhanced its operational efficiency, better supporting its global initiatives and reinforcing its commitment to sustainable development. 



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