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How Oracle Cloud ERP and HCM implementations can benefit your ESG

Last month was the busiest ever for our bots. We sent over 1800 to work, for 4,363 hours collectively. We offset this through Gold Standard programmes to benefit your ESG

Not long ago we posted a blog regarding the ESG benefits of using bots instead of humans for some implementation tasks.  This is measurable and tangible.  You can find it here – https://lnkd.in/emFy-vc7, as well as a link to a whitepaper where we have benchmarked and calculated the difference.

Oracle has conducted some interesting research on this topic which you can read here – https://lnkd.in/evpY65kM.  Unsurprisingly, most organizations believe ESG is more important than ever, and most organizations believe not enough is being done about it.

Let me offer some help in a small but measurable way.

Our software provides bots to do the time-consuming and error-prone data entry tasks required during an Oracle Cloud ERP or HCM implementation.

Last month was the busiest ever for our bots.  We sent over 1800 of them scurrying off, and they did their work for 4,363 hours collectively.  We calculate that they consumed 246kWh within the Oracle data centers in which they run.  We offset this through Gold Standard programmes.

The equivalent human effort to run the same tasks would consume 1746kWh, not factoring in HVAC and other environmental needs of human (coffee, lighting etc).  The CO2 emissions you would attribute to this is of course very dependent on the country in which the activity would be performed.

We have also measured the difference in time taken to perform the work.  This is a bit trickier to measure on specific jobs, but at an aggregate level our bots do the work of human in 15% of the elapsed time.  They work 24/7/365, so that comes as no surprise really.  They also work without error or bias.

What about cost.  Again at an aggregate level, here the gap grows even wider.  We complete tasks for roughly 0.75% of the cost of a human.  It’s not even close.

So, there is no tradeoff between sustainability, speed, quality and cost when you use our software.  It’s a win-win-win-win for our customers.

By the way, we’re not advocating for the removing of humans in any way.  Skilled humans are needed to design and implement change and make decisions – these are the added-value tasks that define success and failure in projects.  We free up these people to add real value to their customers and get more done.  Our amazing partners are doing that for their customers every day.

So, if you are involved with Oracle ERP or HCM and serious about ESG, and quite interested in saving time and money, please contact us.

By Philip Martin, CEO & Founder of Rapid4Cloud

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