Rapid4Cloud assists Inoapps, a Global Oracle Partner, to win UK & Ireland Business Impact Award

Recently, Global Oracle partner, Inoapps announced that they had won the Business Impact Award UK & Ireland at the 2023 Oracle EMEA Partner Awards.

Recently, Global Oracle partner, Inoapps announced that they had won the Business Impact Award UK & Ireland at the 2023 Oracle EMEA Partner Awards. The award recognised Inoapps’ thriving Managed Services business and its positive impact on customer outcomes.

Fiona Martin, Chief Revenue Officer at Inoapps said, “We are incredibly proud to have won this Oracle Partner Award for our Managed Services. It is recognition that our strategy to transform, optimize and innovate our customers’ capabilities, with a structured yet flexible approach, can deliver operational excellence and impressive results.”

The Oracle Partner Awards recognize partners who have demonstrated outstanding innovation, entrepreneurial achievements, and unwavering commitment to their customers. These prestigious awards are divided into three categories, each highlighting the remarkable ways in which partners have revolutionized their industries, made a significant impact on businesses, and achieved remarkable customer satisfaction. This celebration of excellence encompasses the vast Oracle partner ecosystem, spanning systems integrators, technology providers, and cloud/managed service providers worldwide.

The win represents a fantastic success story for Inoapps - and one in which Rapid4Cloud was pleased to have assisted in providing significant impact in the day-to-day management of Inoapps' Managed Services customers' solutions, allowing their team to focus their attention on the areas in which they can add the most value.

In our recent case study with Inoapps: 4 Years on from using Rapid4Cloud - Brian McCabe, Senior Vice President (SVP) Global Managed Services at Inoapps, highlights the use of our configuration reporting tool, which enables his team to quickly grasp the nuances of new customers' system configurations compared to the standard Oracle solution. This expedites the onboarding process, allowing Inoapps to deliver value promptly. Additionally, the copy and compare products prove invaluable in meeting compliance requirements, especially for clients in highly regulated industries like Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) - particularly before and after Quarterly Updates.

For more information on Inoapps' recent success you can read the full article here.

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