Rapid4Cloud announces support for Oracle Cloud 20C

Rapid4Cloud has released RAPIDKnowledgeBase for Oracle Fusion Cloud 20C. The new RAPIDKnowledgeBase for Oracle Fusion Cloud 20C is available in the

Rapid4Cloud has released RAPIDKnowledgeBase for Oracle Fusion Cloud 20C.

The new RAPIDKnowledgeBase for Oracle Fusion Cloud 20C is available in the download section for our customers only. If you have difficulty or question on how to update your project, please contact our support team.

Dynamic SQL has been deprecated from some customers in 20C and the remaining customers will see that change in 20D.

Because of Oracle dropped the dynamic SQL in 20C, extracts that are performed in Reports, Copy, and Rollout will take longer. We are currently working on improvements to mitigate this issue. Also please note that when Oracle perform the quarterly release, it takes Rapid4Cloud around one week to certify the compatibility of our software. Please try not to plan for any activities that require the use of Rapid4Cloud software in the week immediately following your quarterly updates, unless you have already received a notice of support from us.

The detail of this update is as per below:

  • Compatible only with RapidConfigurator version 2.2. 3.74428 or above
  • Compatible only with RapidExtract version or above
  • Compatible only with RapidInject version or above
  • Fixed Bug Support for Oracle Fusion Applications 11.1.13 version 11.13.20C
  • Fixed functionalities Dependencies navigation
  • Fixed Business Rule to Delete Empty record
  • Fixed BUCC template core data
  • Fixed Extract SQL

New Enhancements to support the following tasks:

  • Map Third-Party Compensation Plans
  • Manage Year Periods and Billing Calendars
  • Manage Spreadsheet Templates
  • Manage HCM Extract Definitions
  • Manage Potential Assessment
  • Manage Question Library
  • Manage Regulations
  • Manage Rate and Coverage User Values
  • Manage Potential Assessment
  • Manage Compensation History
  • Manage Goal Plans
  • Manage Instance Qualifiers
  • Manage Attachment Entities
  • Configure Compensation Batch Parameters
  • Manage Goal Library
  • Manage Rate Definitions
  • Manage Payroll Calculation Information
  • Manage Payroll Flow Patterns

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