Women in Automation: Overcoming Challenges and Embracing Opportunities

Discover how women can overcome challenges and embrace opportunities in enterprise automation, as we celebrate International Women's Day 2023. Learn about the historical perspective of women in computing and Rapid4Cloud's commitment to providing equal opportunity to all genders. Plus, find out how Rapid4Cloud's tools can benefit women in Oracle Cloud Implementation and Maintenance.

As we celebrate International Women's Day in 2023, it is critical to acknowledge the advancements made by women in the technological sector. To guarantee that women have equal opportunities and are represented at all levels of the industry, particularly in the field of automation, there is still more work to be done. 

Women have been involved in computing since its early days. Ada Lovelace, a woman, collaborated with Charles Babbage on his Analytical Engine in the mid-1800s, becoming the first computer programmer. Women were influential in computing during the 20th century, programming some of the first electronic computers. 

Women, however, were driven out of the computing business as it become increasingly male-dominated. Computing was considered "women's job" in the 1960s and 1970s, and a sizable portion of the labor in that sector was female. Men started to rule the field, and women were pushed out as it got more lucrative and prestigious. 

Currently, women are still underrepresented in technology and computers, notably in the field of corporate automation. This is unfortunate because automation is a crucial area for companies to stay effective and competitive in the fast-paced digital world of today. Women offer distinctive viewpoints and abilities to the table that can aid firms in achieving their automation objectives. 

The absence of representation is one issue. Women frequently experience imposter syndrome and self-doubt because they believe they don't belong in their profession. Finding mentors and role models who can assist and advise women in their jobs is crucial for them to overcome this. By connecting with other female professionals in the field, one can foster a sense of belonging and give oneself a forum for exchanging experiences and guidance. 

The belief that women are less technically skilled than males is another issue. This is completely untrue; women are just as capable of learning technical skills as males are. In order to overcome this obstacle, women must have faith in their competence and showcase their technical expertise through projects and initiatives. 

Finally, women often struggle to balance their personal and professional lives. This can be especially difficult in the technology industry, where long hours and demanding projects are the norm. Employers can help by offering flexible work arrangements, such as remote work and flexible hours. This can help women to manage their work-life balance and continue to excel in their careers. 

We at Rapid4Cloud are devoted to giving people of all gender's equal opportunity. For the technology sector to succeed, inclusivity and diversity are crucial. Women have senior positions on our team, and we actively seek out female applicants for new development, management, and consulting opportunities. 

We have been developing tools to automate repetitive tasks in Oracle implementation and maintenance, which can help women (and men) to focus on more complex and rewarding work. By automating tasks like, data extraction, data entry and report generation, women can spend more time developing their skills and advancing their careers. 

Despite these challenges, I am optimistic about the future of women in Technology. I believe that as more women enter the field and prove their value, the industry will become more diverse and inclusive. And with diversity comes innovation and success. 


*Patcharin Kertkhoomtong is Rapid4Cloud’s Director of Oracle Cloud and E-Business Suite Solutions. She oversees medium to large-scale projects in a variety of business categories for global clients and has decades of expertise managing enterprise businesses. 

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