Global leaders in Intelligent Cloud Automation Software

Rapid4Cloud are the global leaders in Intelligent Cloud Automation Software. For both new and existing users of Oracle Cloud Applications, our software accelerates the journey to the cloud, helping them setup, manage and maintain their Oracle Cloud environment. Since 2003 we supported over 400 Oracle Applications users in more than a dozen countries to help them optimize the implementation of their solution and maximize the return on their investment.

Our products use the very latest Artificial Intelligence and Robotic Process Automation technology to deliver a unique solution that is used by many of the world’s leading IT companies and system integrators. Our customers include companies from across the spectrum of industries, who all rely on Rapid4Cloud solutions to quickly enable the new ways of working inherent in Oracle’s ERP and HCM Cloud.



"Everything we do at Rapid4Cloud is designed to make our customers' life better by ultimately saving them Time.

Every day each of us must trade our time for in return for something.

This is our greatest valued currency.

By working together we can end the role of the ‘Weekend Warrior’ for all users of Oracle and take our valued customers to new heights using Automation and AI."




  1. To continue to lead the way in Intelligent Cloud Automation Software.
  2. To quickly enable new ways of working inherent in Oracle’s ERP and HCM Cloud.
  3. To end the role of the "Weekend Warrior" and enable an efficient, healthier and happier overall lifestyle for Oracle Consultants & Partners etc. - giving more time to focus on the tasks that matter and less on data entry.
  4. To help all our customers optimise the implementation of their solution and maximise ROI.


We are dedicated to the success of your Oracle ERP and HCM Cloud projects, and have experienced E-Business Suite and Cloud consultants who understand every aspect of an implementation. We’ve done over 400 of them!

At Rapid4Cloud, our objective is to make it easier to implement and maintain Oracle Cloud Applications. Our team is creating and delivering easy to use solutions that deliver extraordinary value for our customers. Automation is our not new.

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Philip Martin

Founder, Chairman & CTO

Sean Harmon

Chief Executive Officer

Mickael Desmousseaux

Vice President of Product Development

James Greenwood

Vice President of Marketing


Vice President of Customer Success


Since the first release of Oracle Cloud ERP, we have been developing automation to accelerate implementations and reduce cost of ownership. Our software is now used by our customers and partners worldwide to automate their implementations of Oracle Cloud Applications, and to manage their solution post go-live.