RAPIDStart for Oracle ERP Cloud.

About Service.

What-if, you could have your Oracle ERP Cloud system set up and configured for your customer with perfect quality, available in few hours, and with a special price?

Rapid4Cloud has made this come true again, with an unique new service RAPIDStart!

Whether you are new or experienced with Cloud ERP, our service is definitely the added value that will make you standout among your competitors.

RAPIDStart is fast, secure, automated & inexpensive.

RAPIDStart in action, loading data into Oracle ERP Cloud. More videos here.

Fast, Accurate & Inexpensive.

RAPIDStart is a fully automated injection service that loads your data into your Oracle ERP Cloud instance. We are following the Modern Best Practice as per Oracle recommendations.

Forget about manually typing information into Oracle screens. Our Rapid4Cloud data loader will handle them for you. Stop wasting time fixing typos entered by humans into Oracle interfaces. We use only automated methods to load your data which makes it 100% accurate.

Our loader is secured, and can run day and night, making it the best value for your money that you will ever find.

What You Do.

  1. Complete our questionnaire for us to understand your business needs
  2. Provide us with the URL and credentials of your Oracle ERP Cloud Dev instance

What We Deliver.

  1. Your Oracle ERP Cloud Setups fully loaded and ready to use
  2. Business Flows as per Oracle recommendations
  3. Documentation of your Setups (BR100)
  4. 100% accuracy & quality
  5. Guaranteed SLA on the implementation time
  6. Fixed price

Standard Setups Put Into Action.

RAPIDStart is not a black box. Browse the online videos below, of what is actually included in the standard installation before your personalizations, or to watch the final look and feel in your ERP Cloud Application.

Pre-Configured Yet Flexible.

We also made possible for our customers to personalize the setups. To do so, you only have to fill-in a questionnaire that will change the Oracle configurations to fit your business needs: Chart of Accounts, Organization Structure, Users, Locations, Legal Entity, Mandatory Account Code and much more.

RAPIDStart automates implementation for Oracle Financials Cloud.

Personalizable Values:

Create Implementation Users
Establish Enterprise Structures
Enterprise HCM Information
Legal Addresses
Legal Entity

Fixed Assets Flexfield Value Sets
Fixed Assets Key Flexfields
System Controls
Fiscal Years
Asset Calendars
Prorate Conventions
Asset Books
Asset Categories


Ledger Sets
Data Access Set
Accounting & Reporting Sequences
Journal Sources
Journal Categories
AutoPost Criteria Sets
Journal Reversal Criteria Sets
Chart of Accounts Mappings
Suspense Accounts
COA Value sets

Business Unit

Specify Supplier Numbering
Supplier Type Lookup
Payables Calendars
Invoice Tolerances
Common Options for Payables & Procurement
Payables Document Sequences
Reporting Entities
Invoice Holds & Releases


Receivables System Options
Receivables Activities
Receivables Document Sequences
Standard Memo Lines
Transaction Types
Transaction Sources
Receipt Classes and Methods
Receipt Sources
Remit to Addresses
AutoInvoice Grouping Rules

RAPIDStart automates implementation for Oracle Procurement Cloud.

Personalizable Value:

Approval Groups for Procurement

Mapping Sets – Purchasing
Mapping Sets – Cost Management
Facility Shifts
Workday Patterns
Facility Schedules
Inventory Organizations

RAPIDStart automates implementation for Oracle Expenses Cloud.

Personalizable Values:

Conversion Rates & Policies
Expenses System Options
Expense Report Templates
Cash Advance Policies

RAPIDStart automates implementation for Oracle Tax Manager.

Personalizable Values:

Tax Regimes
Transaction Tax
Transaction Tax Rules
Tax Transaction Controls
Tax – Witholding Tax
Tax Jurisdictions
Tax rates: Recovery Rates, Effective Dates & Tax Accounts
Business Unit Tax Profile

Pricing Per Module.

No surprise for your implementation costs! Check below which module(s) you would like to setup in your Oracle ERP Cloud instance(s), and we guarantee you with the best price and delivery time. So give us a try… you will never find better price for your Oracle ERP Cloud implementation projects.

Installed in 24-72 hours depending upon modules and volume.

RAPIDStart automates implementation for Oracle Financials Cloud.
RAPIDStart automates implementation for Oracle Procurement Cloud.
RAPIDStart automates implementation for Oracle Expenses Cloud.
RAPIDStart automates implementation for Oracle Tax Manager.
RAPIDStart automates implementation for Oracle Order Management Cloud.
RAPIDStart automates implementation for Oracle Order Supply Chain Management Cloud.