Oracle Upgrade.

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Oracle EBS r12 To Oracle ERP Cloud.

Your company may already know all the benefits moving to Oracle ERP Cloud from Oracle e-Business Suite, but you may think this is a complicate, and time consuming task. Well, that’s true unless you are using Rapid4Cloud Service.

We’ve developed a revolutionary software that extracts your Oracle Setups, maps them into an Oracle ERP Cloud format and generates 8 useful reports for your Upgrade Assessment:

  1. Converted setups for the selected operating units
  2. Converted setups that are not immediately needed to complete the configuration, but may be required by the business transactions
  3. Setups that cannot be loaded to Oracle ERP Cloud / Fusion due to customizations
  4. Obsolete setups
  5. New mandatory functionalities with no existing Oracle EBS equivalent
  6. Mapping report of Oracle EBS screens/fields to Oracle ERP Cloud / Fusion screens/fields
  7. Drill down mapping
  8. All other setups not migrated (not in the scope or not able to be mapped)

Rapid4Cloud automatically loads your Setups, from the first and second reports to your new Oracle ERP Cloud pod (instance).

As Oracle doesn’t make it possible to migrate customizations into a ERP Cloud application, Rapid4Cloud provides a discussion forum with your Business team to estimate the impact, solutions, and offerings available regarding all these customizations found by our upgrade software in the third report.

Your new Oracle ERP Cloud Test instance is made available very quickly by following this methodology. You will be able to see the Standard Business Practices and Flows with your own Oracle EBS Setups in a period of time as short as 2-3 weeks!

Once the customization constraints have been resolved, it is just a matter of days to load the Master Data and Open Balances. Once your Oracle ERP Cloud Upgrade is completed, you can start your tests cycles.

The Production pod is prepared the same way, including all the changes made during your SIT / UAT Phases. Conclusively, the entire process takes only a few weeks. Each project is different and we will be happy to learn about your situation, and see how we can help your company to move to the cloud.

Oracle EBS r11 To Oracle EBS r12.

Before Oracle started to ask its clients to move to the cloud, Rapid4Cloud already had a high reputation and knowledge on upgrading Oracle EBS r11 Setups to Oracle EBS r12. We do, of course, recommend you to directly upgrade to Oracle ERP Cloud.

However, if your company decided to upgrade Oracle e-Business Suite from release 11 to release 12, Rapid4Cloud can still be your best implementor choice. With 20+ years of experience implementing 1,000+ Oracle  Operating Units around the world, you can’t be wrong in choosing Rapid4Cloud.

ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) methodology is used with most of our Oracle Upgrade projects. It has been proven to be the most reliable, and less costing approach. Our automated software will extract your Oracle EBS r11 Setups directly from your production instance, or a clone of your choice. The mapping of your Oracle Setups is handled by our KnowledgeBase, and generates a new set of Setups in the Oracle EBS r12 format, ready for implementation.

At anytime during the process, a BR100 can be generated and submitted to your Business Team for review. It is a good practice to double check, the newly mapped Oracle EBS r12 Setups prior to loading.

Once the Setups have been approved, Rapid4Cloud safely inject them into your Oracle EBS r12. We are using injections technology only provided by Oracle itself. This ensures Oracle to continue to support your instance as normal.