Oracle Copy.

Oracle Copy

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What if you want to copy an Operating Unit from Oracle e-Business Suite or Oracle ERP Cloud ? You already did this previously, and it involves getting the correct Setups from your business team and keying them manually into the target instance or pod. This process can take months before you start testing the implementation.

Luckily for you, Rapid4Cloud provides both the tool and the infrastructure that automates the whole process. The benefit is visible starting from the first Operating Unit copied, reducing the delivery time from months to days. Also,  it’s highly likely the cost will be less than, any other manual implementations, thanks to Rapid4Cloud’s automated tools for Oracle.

The concept of this methodology, used around the world is known as Extract Transform Load (or ETL). Rapid4Cloud has developed from the past 20 years every component to automate each of the steps.

There is no need to wait for your business team to copy the documentation (BR100) for the Operating Unit , because Rapid4Cloud extracts and documents it for you in minutes. What if you want to do some adjustment to your Setups? Rapid4Cloud can safely make mass changes on your Oracle Setups, or you can also create and apply your own rules. Once ready, just let Rapid4Cloud automatically and securely inject your configuration into your target instance or pod. Yes, it’s now that simple to copy an Oracle Operating Unit.

Automated Yet Flexible.

The need to copy Oracle Setups from one place to another usually comes with a need to make changes. Rapid4Cloud has allowed for many types of changes during this process, such as adding a legal entity, a primary ledger, an inventory organization, etc.

Our unique transformation engine, developed in cooperation with Oracle expert Consultants, allows you to make changes quickly and easily to your Oracle Setups: Responsibilities, Legal Entity name, Primary Ledger name, Primary Ledger currency, Operating Unit name, Inventory Organization names and codes, and much more.

At anytime, Rapid4Cloud can generate a Configurations document (BR100) for your team to review all the changes.

Contact us today, if you are looking for a powerful automated yet simple and flexible solution for your Oracle Copy implementation projects!