All RAPIDClients Have Been Patched Against Meltdown & Spectre

All RAPIDClients Have Been Patched Against Meltdown

What are Meltdown & Spectre Vulnerabilities?

In the first weeks of January 2018, a world-wide vulnerability alert has been released by independent teams relating to virus’s that exploit the most recent processors.

In short, Meltdown is breaking the wall between user application and an operating system, allowing attacker to access computer’s memory or programs. Spectre is more difficult to describe, but, when used it can gain access to most of your applications by tricking the programs.

For more detailed information, please read this documentation.

What about Rapid4Cloud?

After deep investigations, none of our customers have been victim of those vulnerabilities – thanks to our cloud policy that is restricting access to our cloud applications and isolation technology.

Our IT department worked actively on this priority one issue.

As of today, all RAPIDConfigurator and RAPIDClients have been patched and are now protected against Meltdown & Spectre.

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