Rapid4Cloud version 21C enhances security, compliance, usability

Rapid4Cloud version 21c compatible with Oracle Cloud ERP

Rapid4Cloud has released a new version of its automation suite for Oracle Cloud Applications. The suite automates and accelerates many repetitive and manual processes involved in implementing and maintaining Oracle Cloud applications. 

Our mission as a company is simple; to make it easier to implement and run Oracle Fusion Applications.  The three words, “make it easier” defines the culture of our organization, well beyond our development philosophy. With each new release and each management decision, we strive make it easier to implement and run Oracle Cloud Applications. 

 What is in Release 21C?   

 Security and Compliance 

  • Support for Oracle ERP Cloud and Oracle HCM Cloud 21C 

We have fully tested our software suite against Oracle ERP Cloud 21c and Oracle HCM Cloud 21c and certified Rapid4Cloud as compatible. 

  • Added support for Google Single Sign-on.   

The product adds Google SSO to its options for single sign-on in response to customers’ needs.   

  • Enhanced Access Control 

For new connections to the platform, access control can be added by individual users as well as user group.  This simplifies user management. It also makes it easier to manage which users can perform which functions on what environments. 


  • Reports: Save Task Selections 

When they run a report, users can now save their report filtering selections.  

This is an extension of the individual task selection added to Reports in October 2020, which inspired our customers to share their positive feedback and ideas on how to make the feature even more impactful.  You can build your own library of saved selections and re-use them anytime.  This is particularly useful if you want to save baseline selections for future comparison or when creating comparison reports across different instances e.g. comparing test to production. Learn more! 

  • Change Management: Cancel during Validation 

Users are now able to cancel a Change Management job during the data validation stage. As a result, you now have greater control over the jobs you are running. 

Roadmap future investments 

The Rapid4Cloud development team is hard at work bringing you more enhancements in the next few months. We are preparing to announce:

  • Expanded Oracle HCM Cloud capabilities
  • Enhancements to the Comparison Report module
  • A net new module for automated regression testing of Oracle Cloud Applications updates. 

July 2021 was the busiest month ever on the Rapid4Cloud platform, according to CEO Philip Martin. 

“We now have more users representing more Oracle customers and projects than ever before, and we are delighted that we are bringing benefit to so many in this community,” Martin said.  

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