Rapid4Cloud Platform: Updates 1.9.0 Notes

Rapid4Cloud - New release 1.9.0

This version includes a new UI, a refactor of RAPIDStart, speed improvements and security patches.

New User Interface

Introduction of a new modern UI and standardization of the views across all applications.

The home page is clearer, the apps have been split between Extraction Transformation, Loading (ETL) process, and replicated in the menu, making ore convenient for the user to access the apps.

The details pages contain a lot more information than previously and use the same design between apps to make it easier to search for information.

The datatable pages have an improved speed of 92% on average.


This app is now under the Loading menu, and has been heavily refactored. It is important to understand that due to those changes, the previous RAPIDStart are no longer compatible and will be shown as DEPRECATED. If you need to access data from a previous RAPIDStart, please contact us.


The latest versions of all the libraries used have been applied. Obsolete files have been removed.

Bug Fixes

More than 50+ enhancements and fixes have been completed, please check the changelog for more details.