Rapid4Cloud Platform: Updates 1.6.0 Notes

Rapid4Cloud Platform

This version enables shutdown feature for RAPIDClient, improve sharing data with your team and crushed some minor bugs.

RAPIDController (On-Demand)

A top requested feature from our customers is now available. You can shutdown and restart any RAPIDClient (“Extrator” and “Injector”) from the RAPIDController.

When shutdown, the RAPIDClient will not be accessible and your data will not be deleted. You are not billed for server in this status.

You can restart the instance any time by clicking on “Restart”. Once the instance is ready, you can resume your work and you will be charged as usual.

Rapid4Cloud Shutdown Extract Inject For Oracle Cloud

Please note that any RAPIDClient inactive for more than 48 hours will be automatically shutdown.


We added a new tab “Shared With Me” where you can find all the connections that other team members are sharing with you.

Rapid4Cloud - Oracle Connection Shared

When you share a connection only you can edit or delete it. You can easily change the “share” status of your connections in the create or edit page.

Rapid4Cloud - Oracle Connection Shared Option

For BI Publisher Connections, we now also extract the Oracle Implementation Projects (required for Copy and Rollout). You can see this list in the details page.

Rapid4Cloud - Connections - BI Publisher Implementation projects


Following the Connections update, all shared reports will appear on the “Shared With Me” tab.

Rapid4Cloud - Reports BR100 for Oracle Shared Options

You can edit the “share” status in the create or edit page.

Rapid4Cloud - Reports Oracle Share Options


We changed the UI in the create page to make it easier and faster for our customers to submit a Copy Project for Oracle ERP Cloud. We have also added the Oracle Implementation Project selection as required.

Rapid4Cloud - Copy Oracle Cloud Business Units


Fixed a bug where some data were not copied properly between RAPIDStarts not sharing the same modules.


By default the list of available documents in the Support Center is now showing all documents (videos, PDFs, Blogs).

Bug Fixes

Minor bug fixes and optimizations have been done in all apps.