Rapid4Cloud Platform: Updates 1.4.0 Notes

Rapid4Cloud Platform

Rapid4Cloud Platform has been upgraded to 1.4.0.

Here are all the goodies coming with this update:

[ENHANCEMENT] CONNECTION add injection type
[ENHANCEMENT] CONNECTION optimize DataTable refresh method
[ENHANCEMENT] DOWNLOAD new section to download RAPIDSnapshot and RAPIDKnowledgeBase
[ENHANCEMENT] EXPLORER now auto-select the RAPIDClient when click from RAPIDController
[ENHANCEMENT] EXPLORER displays message when no RAPIDClient available
[ENHANCEMENT] RAPIDCONTROLLER tabs refresh optimized
[ENHANCEMENT] RAPIDSTART added support for Tax
[ENHANCEMENT] RAPIDSTART added support for Procurement
[ENHANCEMENT] RAPIDSTART auto-unlock if no change for 24h
[ENHANCEMENT] REPORT DataTable refresh method optimized
[ENHANCEMENT] SUPPORT changed filter for tabs
[ENHANCEMENT] Added images for error messages (401, 404, 500, etc.)
[BUG] NOTIFICATION remaining days now showing properly if less than 24 hours
[BUG] RAPIDSTART email notification was stuck in some cases
[SECURITY] USER reset password rules are now more complex
[SECURITY] CONNECTION new AES-256-CBC cipher added