Rapid4Cloud Platform: Updates 1.5.0 Notes

Rapid4Cloud Platform

This version is improving back-end engine, few UI fixes for RAPIDStart and security patches.


A new UI for the kanban list enables you to have a better view of your projects. A new icons and colors based classification has been used with also a percentage of the completion of the questionnaires. The codes has also been improved for better performance.

Rapid4Cloud Rapidstart new dashboard

The arrow to indicate your position in the questionnaire has been replaced by directly highlighting the actual step inside the bar.

Rapid4Cloud Rapidstart actual position

The menu option is now a dropdown, it was a popup previoulsy.

Rapid4Cloud platform RAPIDStart menu option

When you disable a functionality in step 3, it will now be displayed in GREEN in the progress bar with a disabled icon. A message has also been added in the page content to reflect your choice.

The SAVE button will only be available if you changed anything in the questionnaire. This will help you to remember if you need to save or not.

Mass change of your Oracle Fusion Setups has been improved for a better user experience.

Rapid4Cloud platform RAPIDStart improvements of Oracle Fusion Setups mass changes

Added a table type data entry for Manage Asset Categories in step 3. You can copy, add, remove and drag/drop rows.

Rapid4Cloud Platform RAPIDStart Manage Asset Categories


As part of a security update, we changed the cookie encryption and serialization logic. All cookies are encrypted and signed therefore they are considered safe from client tampering. You just need to log into the Rapid4Cloud Platform as usual to re-validate your sessions.


Added a new category “RAPIDPatches”. Once logged in the platform, you will be able to download the official patches to update your projects in RAPIDConfigurator.

Rapid4Cloud Platform download patches


A JavaScript was served from a third-party CDN, this could be an issue for our customers that are using strict network policy. It is now loaded from the Platform.


Deprecated scripts and plugins have been removed. Added list of trusted proxies in the middleware.

Bugs Fixes

Minor bug fixes and optimizations have been done in all apps.