Rapid4Cloud announces support for Oracle Cloud 20D

Rapid4Cloud supports for Oracle 20D

Rapid4Cloud has released RAPIDKnowledgeBase for Oracle Fusion Cloud 20D.

The new RAPIDKnowledgeBase for Oracle Fusion Cloud 20D is available in the download section for our customers only. If you have difficulty or question on how to update your project, please contact our support team.

The detail of this update is as per below:

  • Compatible only with Rapid Configurator version 2.2. 3. 74497 or above
  • Compatible only with RapidExtract version 2.2. 4. 74948 or above
  • Compatible only with RapidInject version 2.2. 3. 74754 or above
  • Fixed Bug Support for Oracle Fusion Applications 11.1.13 version 11.13.20D
  • Fixed functionalities Dependencies navigation
  • Fixed functionalities Navigation to find task Manage Legal Entity
  • Fixed renew template DFF to Navigation (partial task)
  • Fixed Skip Error oracle after access task
  • Fixed Business Rule to Change Management
  • Fixed Reverse SQL

The detail of this update is as per below:

  • Grant Management Setup partial task
  • Learning Setup partial task
  • HCM tasks