Oracle Fusion Cloud Implementations in the Time of Corona

Covid19 close-up

We know that these are very challenging times as the World Health Organisation (WHO) has declared COVID19 a pandemic. World economies need to function as usual and this would depend on the work that needs to get done continuously.

We want everyone in the Oracle Applications servicing community to know, that Rapid4Cloud is here, standing ready to help however we can. We have developed tools using Robotic Processes Automation and AI which can help your workforce in completing implementations and upgrades of ERP and HCM systems of critical industries such as manufacturing, retailers, banks, insurance companies, hospitals, governments etc. Using our software will help lessen the risk of your consultants getting exposed to COVID as they can remotely submit copy, rollout, reports-requests which our software can rapidly deliver. We are employing the same procedure with our consultants and staff, so you are assured that we are providing continuity on our consulting and technical support.

We harness the power of Oracle Cloud at these difficult times, our software was specifically developed and runs on it and we hope you could take advantage of these life-saving benefits.

We would like to thank you if you’re already using our software and we are glad that we are helping you in the on-time and seamless delivery of your projects. If you are interested in placing Rapid4Cloud software in your business continuity plan or in your usual delivery methodology, we will be more than happy to talk to you via remote conference. Please contact us at [email protected]. Thank you very much and may we all overcome this crisis as soon as possible.

Best Regards,