Rapid4cloud Supports Oracle Cloud 20C

Rapid4Cloud has released RAPIDKnowledgeBase for Oracle Fusion Cloud 20C.

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Covid19 close-up

We know that these are very challenging times as the World Health Organisation (WHO) has declared COVID19 a pandemic. World economies need to function as usual and this would depend on the work that needs to get done continuously. Read more

Rapid4cloud Supports Oracle Cloud 19D

Rapid4Cloud has released RAPIDKnowledgeBase for Oracle Fusion Cloud 19D.

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Rapid4cloud Supports Oracle Cloud 19C

AUSTIN, TEXAS — Rapid4Cloud, the leader in automating tasks for Oracle Cloud has announced its support for the latest version of Oracle Fusion Cloud, 19C. Read more

Rapid4Cloud - New Office Bangkok

“Welcome home everyone!”, greets Philip Martin, CEO of Rapid4Cloud at the new R4C’s Development Centre office in Bangkok, Thailand. R4C is now occupying the whole floor of a newly built modern office space in a green and cozy area of Bangkok. Read more

Rapid4Cloud applied patches for MDS vulnerability

Rapid4Cloud is committed in ensuring that all of its customers data are secured from unauthorized access and other vulnerabilities.

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Rapid4Cloud & Inoapps Partnership

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Oracle SOAR vs RAPIDUpgrade Comparison

Moving To The Cloud Cloud, machine learning, artificial intelligence, autonomous, Oracle ERP Cloud, Oracle SOAR, the push for you to move to the cloud increases. You either need to look at what is involved to move to the cloud or you have already decided that is something you need to do. There will be more […]

Rapid4Cloud is GDPR compliant

Because of changes in the EU data protection laws enforced by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), Rapid4cloud is also updating its Privacy Policy in order to:

  • Give you more information about your rights and responsibilities about your personal data
  • Let you control which information you provide to us.
  • Inform you about the measures in place to keep your personal information secure

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All RAPIDClients Have Been Patched Against Meltdown

What are Meltdown & Spectre Vulnerabilities?

In the first weeks of January 2018, a world-wide vulnerability alert has been released by independent teams relating to virus’s that exploit the most recent processors. Read more