Comprehensive audit validates Rapid4Cloud as a trusted automation platform partner, meeting the standard expected by customers in a highly regulated and security-conscious market.

SAN JOSE, CA – October 13, 2021 – Rapid4Cloud, the leaders in automation tools to support Oracle Cloud Applications customers to implement, run and maintain their solutions, today announced that it has successfully completed the System and  Organization Control (SOC) 2 Type 2 audit.  Conducted by Holzman Partners LLP, a leading professional services firm based in Austin, Texas, the audit affirms that Rapid4Cloud’s information security practices, policies, procedures, and operations meet the SOC 2 standards for security, availability, and confidentiality.

As companies are moving their IT operations to the Cloud and deploying software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications to support their businesses, the increasing use of outside vendors to perform activities that are core to their business operations requires high levels of trust and transparency into these vendors operations and processes.

Rapid4Cloud has always maintained high security standards, and the SOC2 audit is an endorsement of this.

Rapid4Cloud’s SOC 2 report verifies the existence of internal controls which have been designed to meet the requirements for the security principles set forth in the TSP section 100, Trust Services Criteria for Security, Availability, Processing Integrity, Confidentiality and Privacy.  It provides a thorough review of how Rapid4Cloud’s internal controls affect the security, availability, and processing integrity of the systems it uses to process users’ data, and the confidentiality and privacy of the information processed by these systems. This independent validation of security controls is crucial reassurance for customers that Rapid4Cloud is processing their data in a secure and compliant way.

“Obtaining the SOC 2 Type 2 certification demonstrates Rapid4Cloud’s ongoing commitment to the security, availability, and integrity of our platform,” Rapid4Cloud IT and Security Director Teerapat Muannum said. “Our customers can feel confident that we make every investment to maintain the highest level of security and compliance.”

Rapid4Cloud version 21c compatible with Oracle Cloud ERP

Rapid4Cloud has released a new version of its automation suite for Oracle Cloud Applications. The suite automates and accelerates many repetitive and manual processes involved in implementing and maintaining Oracle Cloud applications. 

Our mission as a company is simple; to make it easier to implement and run Oracle Fusion Applications.  The three words, “make it easier” defines the culture of our organization, well beyond our development philosophy. With each new release and each management decision, we strive make it easier to implement and run Oracle Cloud Applications. 

 What is in Release 21C?   

 Security and Compliance 

  • Support for Oracle ERP Cloud and Oracle HCM Cloud 21C 

We have fully tested our software suite against Oracle ERP Cloud 21c and Oracle HCM Cloud 21c and certified Rapid4Cloud as compatible. 

  • Added support for Google Single Sign-on.   

The product adds Google SSO to its options for single sign-on in response to customers’ needs.   

  • Enhanced Access Control 

For new connections to the platform, access control can be added by individual users as well as user group.  This simplifies user management. It also makes it easier to manage which users can perform which functions on what environments. 


  • Reports: Save Task Selections 

When they run a report, users can now save their report filtering selections.  

This is an extension of the individual task selection added to Reports in October 2020, which inspired our customers to share their positive feedback and ideas on how to make the feature even more impactful.  You can build your own library of saved selections and re-use them anytime.  This is particularly useful if you want to save baseline selections for future comparison or when creating comparison reports across different instances e.g. comparing test to production. Learn more! 

  • Change Management: Cancel during Validation 

Users are now able to cancel a Change Management job during the data validation stage. As a result, you now have greater control over the jobs you are running. 

Roadmap future investments 

The Rapid4Cloud development team is hard at work bringing you more enhancements in the next few months. We are preparing to announce:

  • Expanded Oracle HCM Cloud capabilities
  • Enhancements to the Comparison Report module
  • A net new module for automated regression testing of Oracle Cloud Applications updates. 

July 2021 was the busiest month ever on the Rapid4Cloud platform, according to CEO Philip Martin. 

“We now have more users representing more Oracle customers and projects than ever before, and we are delighted that we are bringing benefit to so many in this community,” Martin said.  

Contact us today to find out more!

Rapid4Cloud is pleased to announce the latest update of Platform, version 2.1.1 which brings new features, bug fixes and major improvements to further enhance user experience. Alongside this release is our Knowledgebase support for Oracle Fusion Cloud version 21B; a pdf containing more details can be downloaded here

For introduction and a quick tutorial on how to use Platform, please head to

What’s new in platform 2.1.1?

CONNECTIONS Get the list of the users for next filtering option feature.

GENERAL Data validations step in workflow activated for Copy, Rollout, Change Management.
For more information on how Rapid4Cloud validates your data, please see this video

COPY Wrong email content on validation failure.
COPY Error when no connection available.
CHANGE MANAGEMENT Wrong email content on validation failure.
CHANGE MANGEMENT Error when no connection available.
CONNECTION Issue with wrong DNS setup from Oracle Fusion.
REPORT Error when no connection available.
ROLES Issue when user is set back to default role.
ROLLOUT Error when no connection available.
GENERAL Typo on Fixed Assets.

More details of Platform updates can be found at

We have also added a training video on how you can validate and fix your data before loading to an Oracle Fusion Cloud instance, link can be found here

We are announcing our end of support for Oracle Fusion Cloud (ERP and HCM) version 20D. As part of our continuing efforts to provide up to date support and following the Oracle release cycle for Fusion Cloud, we are updating our Knowledge Base, the core of our tools, to support up to the recent two major releases (21A and 21B).

To know which versions are currently supported, please go to

Should you have any questions about this end of support notification, or for assistance in understanding the options available to you, please contact our support by logging a ticket at or by contacting your Partner/Sales Manager.

SAN FRANCISCO CALIFORNIA – Rapid4Cloud (R4C) is pleased to announce the latest update of Platform, the easy-to-use web-based user interface for Rapid4Cloud software suite: Version 1.13.0. The update includes new features, bug fixes and major improvements to further enhance user experience. For introduction and a quick tutorial on how to use Platform, please head to

What’s new in Platform 1.13.0?

  • New look and feel: Dashboard as default landing page
  • Create a new job directly from the dashboard
  • Filter jobs using toggle switches and tabs

Alongside this release is the update to RAPIDKnowledgeBase (KB), the core of R4C tools, which brings support to Oracle Fusion Cloud version 21A.

What’s new in KB 21A?

1. Support for HCM Modules (Setups)

  • Global HCM
  • Absences
  • Benefits
  • Grant Management

2. Reports

  • Tree view selection of tasks
  • Selection by LE, LEDGER, BU
  • Enhanced reporting format (Config-Workbook)
  • Support for HCM Modules (Setups)

3. Change

  • Support for HCM Modules (Setups)

4. Copy

  • Support for HCM Modules (Setups)


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