Rapid4Cloud is pleased to announce the latest update of Platform, version 2.1.1 which brings new features, bug fixes and major improvements to further enhance user experience. Alongside this release is our Knowledgebase support for Oracle Fusion Cloud version 21B; a pdf containing more details can be downloaded here

For introduction and a quick tutorial on how to use Platform, please head to www.rapid4cloud.com/training

What’s new in platform 2.1.1?

CONNECTIONS Get the list of the users for next filtering option feature.

GENERAL Data validations step in workflow activated for Copy, Rollout, Change Management.
For more information on how Rapid4Cloud validates your data, please see this video

COPY Wrong email content on validation failure.
COPY Error when no connection available.
CHANGE MANAGEMENT Wrong email content on validation failure.
CHANGE MANGEMENT Error when no connection available.
CONNECTION Issue with wrong DNS setup from Oracle Fusion.
REPORT Error when no connection available.
ROLES Issue when user is set back to default role.
ROLLOUT Error when no connection available.
GENERAL Typo on Fixed Assets.

More details of Platform updates can be found at https://platform.rapid4cloud.com/changelog

We have also added a training video on how you can validate and fix your data before loading to an Oracle Fusion Cloud instance, link can be found here

We are announcing our end of support for Oracle Fusion Cloud (ERP and HCM) version 20D. As part of our continuing efforts to provide up to date support and following the Oracle release cycle for Fusion Cloud, we are updating our Knowledge Base, the core of our tools, to support up to the recent two major releases (21A and 21B).

To know which versions are currently supported, please go to platform.rapid4cloud.com/changelog

Should you have any questions about this end of support notification, or for assistance in understanding the options available to you, please contact our support by logging a ticket at support.rapid4cloud.com or by contacting your Partner/Sales Manager.